I joined ATP fitness to lose weight and improve my fitness levels. Since joining ATP l am happy to say iv achieved my weight loss goals but i continue to train because training brings benefits to me everyday in my life now. .
ATP fitness has helped me become more confident, improve my overall health and has without a doubt been the best decison that i have made in my life to date


The class timetable offers great variety and I love the fact that the membership packages never expire!
I found the staff in ATP brilliant in the run up to my recent wedding. They answered any questions I had in relation to diet and gave me helpful tips on little changes I could make. They pushed me harder than ever during sessions and played wedding related songs in the gym in the week leading up to the wedding to keep me focused. Thank you ATP 


My name is Ruth. I’m 60 years old and as a result of an illness I was totally unfit and had gained a lot of weight. I have tried to get back to “my normal” and now ATP Fitness are working with me to achieve this.
I joined ATP in August 2018 and on 18th October I reached a great milestone, I am down my 1st stone in weight, but that’s not the only benefit. My right leg is very badly affected which doesn’t allow me to do routine workouts, but Aileen works very closely with me and I can’t believe what I am now willing to do and it works.
My whole wellbeing has greatly improved. I’m enjoying coming to the gym and with the great advice on my food intake also, the results are showing. Many thanks to all the staff. 


Great atmosphere, great staff, I went out there to get mobility in my arm/shoulder and am amazed at how far I've got and thrilled with my loss of weight” 


Ian and all the lads at atp thank you so much for everything. Atp has changed my life. Im so happy im my own skin and thats all i wanted. Ye really go above and beyond for me and always pushed me to do better. Atp is without a doubt the best gym in cork and has the best trainers around. Your not just trainers you are life coaches/ friends.

I joined ATP Fitness in June 2017. As a mom to a then 17 month old and working full time I found it hard to make time for the gym, however the half hour PT sessions were ideal-I had no more excuses!
In September I was delighted to tell Ian that I was 5 weeks pregnant, so Ian knew along with myself and my husband!! .
I trained twice a week until I was 37 weeks pregnant using appropriate weights in each session. Before each PT, Ian always asked me how I was feeling and really stressed that if anything didn't feel comfortable to stop straight away. .
They modified the exercises as my pregnancy progressed and I always felt in safe hands. When I finished training at 37 weeks I felt strong both physically and mentally. Weight resistance training definitely helped me with the birth and to a speedy recovery.

I started back training 8 weeks post partum with the approval of my gp. Ian has designed a program where I will slowly build up my strength again and I'm Loving it.
I really can't recommend ATP Fitness enough!