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“Health and fitness have always featured prominently throughout my life, and I have recognised the invaluable role of lifestyle measures in maintaining physical, mental and social wellbeing. I have taken steps to share this passion, obtaining a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate, and coaching part time. Providing clients with the education and motivation required to achieve physical and fitness related results and endorsing positive lifestyle changes and decision making outside of the gym, ultimately enabled me to facilitate clients to experience positive changes in their lives. 

More recently, in addition to obtaining a PN Level 1 Certification, I also completed a full-time gym instructor and personal trainer course, which led me to the doors of ATP.

The six weeks I spent interning at ATP, further cemented my passion and enthusiasm for pursuing a career in this industry. What Ian and Cian have created at ATP is a result of their commitment, dedication, and work ethic in helping people achieve their goals. They’ve created an environment that truly is a place for everyone. I can’t wait to be a part of the team in ATP, and share in your health and fitness journey.

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