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“Weighing 17st (108kg) at 21yrs old this had to change! 6 years on my weight loss story is now my passion/job. A lot of my journey has been trial and error with training systems, nutritional plans etc. You need to find what works for you & your body. There is no one size fits all meal plan, training plan or diet pills. You need to put in the hard work, eat clean & be consistent. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t lose it in the first few weeks. You didn’t gain it all in a few weeks, it won’t all come off in a few weeks. It may have taken you weeks, months or years to have gained the weight you are now trying to lose. These things take time, trust the process and don’t be disheartened if you don’t see major changes straight away. But when you do start seeing these results – your body shape changing, fitting into smaller clothes, people telling you that you’re looking great, building confidence & that feel good factor – that’s when it hits home & what makes it all worthwhile!”

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