What is it?

The ATP online coaching experience is a one to one 6-week program.
We identify your goals and areas that you want to work on. We will help you with your
nutrition, rather than giving you a generic food plan we work with the foods you enjoy and
are currently consuming. We will give you a diet plan and advice to improve your overall
nutrition quality.

We assess your current physical activity levels and dependent on your fitness goal we will
create a tailor made, specific training program.
We look at sleep, stress, mindset and other areas and work on improving them.


What do I get?
A live one-hour coaching call, over the phone or through Facetime/Zoom.
• Help with specific goal setting and targets.
Dietary analysis and nutrition support.
• A tailored training program to suit the set up available to you.
Weekly check in to assess progress.
Continued support throughout through WhatsApp or other platforms that suit you. The level
of interaction will be determined by you.


Who is it for?

• This is for anybody who wants help and advice to really improve their overall health.
• Someone who is confused and has been consistently on a yo-yo of weight loss.
• It is for the person that wants the knowledge to be able to pass on good habits to their
• The person who really wants to make a lasting change to their health.


How do I sign up?

To sign up or if you have a question? Simply contact us in the box below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We know getting started is the hardest part. We are here to help.

Cian & Ian